is a mobile Money (i.e. electronic wallet) 360º application, with pre-paid checking account characteristics. mywallet ® is a means of payment for all daily situations, through any mobile device:

> Consultation of Account balance and transactions;

> Bank Transfers;

> Payments to merchants;

> Public Services Payments, recharges;

>Cash in & Cash out.


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Is the Mobile POS solution developed by VIA Consulting for the Portuguese market, which allows a Smartphone (IOS o Android) and a card-reader connected via Bluetooth, to accept payments with debit and credit cards.


The solution also integrates the possibility of payment via MBWAY and the issuance of MB references. It was developed for any type of business, and can be customized according to the requirements and needs of each company.


SIBS integration certificate for Multibanco network usage.




Is an application for merchants and agents that allows the acceptance of authorized payments, through mywallet® and myvoucher® as well as cash in and cash out operations on mywallet®.


> Payments with mywallet® and myvoucher®;

> Last transaction consultation payment;

>D e D-1 totals.


> Cash in and cash-out;

> Last transaction consultation;

> D e D-1 totals.





Is an application that allows you to associate payment means (e.g. mywallet®, myvoucher®, bank accounts and cards) to any mobile phone and that integrates itself with the respective authorization systems.



Is a front end application for mobile banking – USSD and apps (cross platform) – that can be integrated with any banking system, package or custom system.
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